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***may gray***

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FEEL FREE to sign Pucci’s boycott

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***may gray***

Pucci would like to lodge a complaint

and submit a request

she said that she heard

sometime ago

that San Diego is supposed to be sunny.

She would like to know

When will the May Gray end?

And, will it become June Gloom?

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***kaleidoscope Two***

Kaleidoscope Two

kaleidoscope2 copy


I am considering

how many points of view


we all write the stories in our head

and each person has a different truth.

It makes a situation complicated.



Sometimes frustrating

when a part of the illusion



when viewed from above.

kaleidoscopeone copy

***up close***

i see you

i understand who you are

far more than i did last year

we have shared

one year of life

as pals

and I am so glad

with the progress you have made

but i really wish you would stop barking

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***there was a gray elephant in the room?***

There was a gray elephant in the room?

I hadn’t even noticed

when the golden dog is around

she takes the spotlight

sucks all the attention

and demands that no one

but Pucci

may get a slice of notice

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***18 Puccis***

Playing in the mirrors

I found 18 Puccis

A little timid

But getting more comfortable

a few niblets help


***a little rusty***

don’t worry Pucci

you aren’t the only one

who feels a little rusty

we will get thru this together

now, let’s get started

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