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four stages of dealing with owls

the owls are watching

there is nowhere to hide


in the cover of dark

when you least expect it.

you can join the owls

but then integrity kicks in

and you realize that it isn’t you.

so you hide

crammed way in a little box.

but that gets old

really fast.

and so you get angry.

and contempt seeps out for those owls

who travel in a pack.

but contempt

in my opinion

is the ugliest of expressions.

anger mixed with disgust.

it includes an element of hierarchy.

hiding in the box of contempt

is not good for anyone.


after the bottom drops out

disregard can finally


4 stages

***behind the scenes***

behind the scenes

in the Pucci studio

I tore it apart and rebuilt my space

over the weekend

oh sigh….

so nice that i can breathe again


***the block***

the block

i don’t fit over the block

i don’t fit on the block

i don’t fit in the block

no matter what aspect of the block

i have put on me

i don’t fit

you can’t make me fit

i don’t want to fit



or in

please don’t make me deal with this block

block copy

***dog pile***

dog pile

there is a dog pile at my front door

_PR31902-Edit copy

***hiding in my hole***

hiding in my hole

quiet today

hiding in my hole

time to get a little break




she is a little off balance

trying to get her footing

was finally returning to self-assuredness

but false confidence can be dangerous

during such shaky times

it doesn’t take much

to fall crumbling to the ground

and so she steps forward

a little at a time

so balance may be regained



***jelly fish***

jelly fish

this week

i have been contemplating the color blue

and considering the life of a jelly fish

Pucci has done the same

swimming along

deep underwater


***the interrogation***

the interrogation


i’m sorry i did it


i did it but i am still cute and lovable


i don’t know if i did it


i don’t want to talk about it


and i will do it again


look, it’s Miss Magda

_PRB0641 copy


***bare bulb***

bare bulb









***diva dog***

the blond diva

doesn’t understand

how i could possibly have chosen seamless gray

as her backdrop

where is her glitz?  where is her glamor?

She knows I own that sparkly one.

I said I am saving it for the jelly fish shot.

she said she is done speaking about it.

She is going to be upping her demands

during future photo shoots.


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