al•te•rRR e•go:


         a person’s secondary or alternate personality

         an intimate and trusted friend

***the truth of isolation***

the truth of isolation

is that it can be a quiet space for collecting thoughts

however it can also make the space of the day

spread wide and far

voices faint

each second on the clock

audible and noted


***bobbing along***

bobbing along

keeping my balance

‘slow and steady wins the race’




Pucci the bookworm

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***we have moved!***

alterrrego has relocated to TEXAS!

and now we have our own studio


is the home of arts, crafts, and photography

today we decided to dabble

not everyone took it seriously


***i am a dog***

i am a dog


all you see

is my outfit

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***i so skinny***

this is my slimming outfit

i so skinny

the Little Black Girdle

is a dog’s best friend


i can’t breathe

or move

but i so skinny

I So Skinny

***may gray***

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FEEL FREE to sign Pucci’s boycott

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***may gray***

Pucci would like to lodge a complaint

and submit a request

she said that she heard

sometime ago

that San Diego is supposed to be sunny.

She would like to know

When will the May Gray end?

And, will it become June Gloom?

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***kaleidoscope Two***

Kaleidoscope Two

kaleidoscope2 copy

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